Paul Pogba To Receive Loyalty Bonus

Manchester United striker, Paul Pogba is ready to get £3.78 million as his loyalty bonus from his team Manchester United despite speculations of leaving the team. The speculations say Pogba is likely to move to Juventus or Real Madrid. Pogba said sometime ago that he may leave Old Trafford even though this is very uncertain. Paul Pogba who scored goals for France in the just concluded World Cup will receive the loyalty bonus on the first of July from Manchester United.

It is confirmed that Paul Pogba receives this loyalty bonus for each season and this is a part of his contract of 5 years with Manchester United. The World Cup winner will get an increase from the previous £3.46m which he got last year. These bonus payments are ways to increase his wages which are £165000 per week. However the team have refused to make comments on that bonus since this is questionable to fans. Madrid and Juventus are interested in getting Paul Pogba to play for them and Pogba himself have once mentioned about playing with fellow French national Zinedine Zidane.

Speculations from Pogba’s trip to Japan confirmed he told reporters about leaving Manchester United. Nevertheless selling Paul Pogba is not the interest of the team and Manchester United have placed a price tag of £150m on the player.

Manchester United sent a secret message to Youri Tielemans

Manchester United wants to get Tielemans, a player from Monaco to play for the team. Tielemans is a midfielder who made some football impact during the match last season where he scored 7 goals just after coming in the month of January. Nevertheless speculations said that even though Pogba is receiving the loyalty bonus from United, the team intends to get Tielemans to replace Pogba if he eventually leaves the team.

Youri Tielemans is playing for Leicester City and he is playing on loan. He is now informed to be the player to replace Pogba. Speculations confirm that Monaco is very pleased about selling Youri Tielemans and they want more money as they are aiming at a price tag of £40m for him. Manchester United is  interested in Ivan Rikitic who plays for Barcelona and James Madison who plays for Leicester. Rikitic wants to remain at Barcelona and the team wants a price tag of £45m euros for the player, however Manchester United is ready to pay £27m for him.

James Maddison have the goal scoring chances and other attributed features to Pogba. It is therefore possible to pair Maddison with another midfielder. Other players which Manchester United is targeting including Neymar and the team have made a deal for a player from Crystal Palace, Aaron Wan-Bissaka.

Manchester United’s transfer blunder

Manchester United would  have made a deal of £25 million for Issa Diop last summer and he is among the best defenders that the team is interested in.

The swapping interest of Paul Pogba

Juventus is targeting Paul Pogba to play for them. Speculations confirm that Juventus are willing to replace Douglas Costa with Pogba this summer. Mino Riola, the agent of Pogba is said to have talked with the team to reach a possible deal. Juventus told Costa that they intend him to go to another team before the next season begins. Juventus wants to exchange Costa with Pogba. West Ham is not considering selling their player Delan Rice who had much campaign at the stadium in London with 38 appearances. Manchester United intends to get Rice to play for them but West Ham declined saying they do not want to sell Rice.

The sabotage of Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba shocked fans of Manchester United when he admitted that he intends to leave the team. Paul Pogba got worried when Real Madrid did not complete a deal with Manchester United because of the price that Manchester United demanded. However the price tag for Zinedine Zidane who plays for Real Madrid is close to £89m paid by Manchester United to Juventus.

Reports from The Telegraph said Real Madrid wants a deal for one of their players to go to Manchester United.

A contract with Juan Mata

Manchester United have signed a new contract with Juan Mata and this deal will keep the player to the team till the month of 2021 with options for extension to another year. Mata said it is honorable for him to represent Manchester United. He said he is looking forward to work with Ole and the coaching stuff.

Manchester United plans a third offer

Manchester United is plotting another offer for a third time for Matteo Darmian. Reports from the Evening Standard say Manchester United are ready to make an offer of £45 million including a bonus of £5m. Speculations confirm that Manchester United are comfortable with making this deal because they aim to get £10m after they sell £10m. Manchester United believes that getting Aaron Wan-Bissak to play for them will make a better team for Manchester United.

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