Frank Lampard To Become The Next Manager Of Chelsea

There are speculations that Frank Lampard, the former Chelsea player may be the next person to manage Chelsea. Many fans are urging him to go for that position. Frank Lampard, a former icon of the Blues is expected to return to manage Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. It is now a known fact that Maurizio Sarri who is the current Chelsea manager will head for Juventus. Chelsea fans are advocating the replacement of the Italian manager with Frank Lampard.

The record breaking scorer of Chelsea manages Derby County and have not been promoted in the Premier League due to a 2-1 loss from Aston Villa at a match in Wembley. Many of the fans say Frank Lampard should accept this offer to manage Chelsea when Sarri goes to Juventus this summer. Lampard who is currently managing Derby is predicted the next manager of the Blues.

Chelsea is ready to make an offer

Chelsea says they are ready to make a deal with Frank Lampard who is a former midfielder of the Blues. Frank Lampard is the first choice for Chelsea when Maurizio Sarri goes to Juventus. Nevertheless Derby wants to retain Lampard and they have given the terms and conditions for continuing his contract at Rams. Derby knows about the aim of Lampard to manage Chelsea and will not try to prevent him from replacing Sarri.

It is the aim of Chelsea to approach Lampard formerly and offer a deal with the former Chelsea player. Derby will be due for a compensation that is up to £4m if Lampard moves to Chelsea even though the money which Chelsea gets on hiring Sarri is able to cover that. Reports throughout the weekend said Lampard may bring John Terry along with him to Stanford Bridge. John Terry was the former captain of England and is the assistant manager of Aston Villa.

Lampard will not be able to bring in new players on summer at West London. Eden  Hazard has gone to Real Madrid and will not meet Frank Lampard in Chelsea. However reports from other sources seems to doubt the appointment of Frank Lampard to become Chelsea’s manager. Sarri have won for Chelsea the Europa League and have finished third during the English Premier League. Chelsea played the Carabao final with Sarri. Sarri is expected to replace Allegri Massimiliano when he goes to Juventus. Frank Lampard who has spent 13 years as a Chelsea player and is the top goal scorer of Chelsea with a record of 211 goals is a suitable replacement for Sarri.

Frank Lampard will find it difficult to reject the offer. Critics said Frank Lampard have spent only 12 months as a manager and not suitable to become Chelsea’s manager but many fans and football analysts see his potential to become one of the best Chelsea managers. The Rams are opening the talks for a new contract and they have written to him. They have compared Frank Lampard with Pep Guardiola who without any prior experience won 14 trophies for within 4 years for Barcelona.

Guardiola won 27 trophies in total and this were in England, Spain and Germany despite having no experience. Guardiola have broken some records.

Players that will benefit as Lampard manages Chelsea

The new players stand a chance of benefiting when Lampard emerges as Chelsea’s manager. Young players of Chelsea will emerge for a fresh team for Chelsea. Frank Lampard is among the best players of Chelsea and the team’s all time goal scorer, he has much to tell the young players even without much experience.


What does this appointment mean for John Terry?

John Terry who played as a teammate with Frank Lampard will have a chance to go into management when Frank Lampard starts managing Chelsea. John Terry is likely to become the next manager of Aston Villa because of this. He has been working with the manager of Aston Villa, Dean Smith, Richard O’ Kelly who was a fellow assistant and 3 of them have cooperated to get this team to the Premier League. John Terry stopped playing and started assisting football management and he was a captain for Aston Villa during the 2017-2018 football season when the team reached the finals.

John Terry played in Chelsea for 21 years and was the captain of the club where he won 17 trophies, scored 67 goals and appeared 717 times. When Lampard returns to Stamford Bridge for Chelsea, the team he spent his career as a player, John Terry will have a chance to become the next manager of Aston Villa. John Terry have confirmed plans to join Lampard in football management. This will make Frank Lampard, John Terry and Steven Gerrard become the 3 former Chelsea players to become football managers.

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