Who We are

The NIG dedicated  staffs are drawn from the 36 member states including FTC Abuja. Our staffs comprise of experts for deploying capacity building with the training strategy for strong, sustainable and economic development.

What We Do

Established in 2019, the NIG is working to strengthen Nigeria’s economy and creating good-paying jobs by rebuilding Nigeria, providing technical assistance for small businesses and providing solutions for expanding key industries.  A growing economy would provide more opportunity for Nigerians.

We focus on empowering Nigerians with the means and the abilities to grow and fully participate in the development of their communities. We aim at reducing poverty, health care for all, rural development; funding infrastructure developments for member states, create jobs and promoting exports and mechanized farming

How We Work

NIG’s programs and tools are designed to deliver capacity development, learning & adapting. NIG works with member states to deliver our capacity development plans through knowledge sharing, education and training.