2023: UN Group Urges Nigerian Youths To Embrace Peace

The International Organisation of Youth Promoters of Peace has urged the youth to champion the efforts towards uniting Nigerians and ensuring a peaceful 2023 general elections.

The Representative of the Organisation, Captain Kafu-Ata Hounakey, gave the advice in Abuja on Thursday in preparation for the 2022 International Youth Summit for Peace scheduled to hold in Abuja on Sept. 3.

The essence of the summit is to galvanise the youth into playing key roles in steps aimed at bringing peace to every section of the country and in Africa, through the organisation which is an agent of the United Nations

Hounakey, a Togolese, said only peace could guarantee upscaling of rural development to enhance the alleviation of poverty and unemployment thereby improving the livelihood of citizens residing in the countryside.

“You will agree with me that owing to the leadership role of Nigeria in Africa, there is the need to first galvanise the youth to champion peace for enriching interactions leading to playing key roles of our teeming citizens,” he said.

According to Hounakey, plans are in the pipeline to train Nigerian youths through the World Chaplains Association of Human Rights which will serve the citizens civil clergy and institutional chaplains.

He said the chaplaincy would be established in Nigeria and would be for the defence of human rights, and above all, the promotion of peace in countries that have ratified the UN Charter.

“As an association under the UN, we focus on the establishment of our representatives on the defence of human rights, the training of justices of peace, training of mediator judges and the training of Chaplains Officers of human rights.

“Our areas of focus include anti-clandestine immigration, anti-gender violence, anti-violence against children, anti-corruption and anti-drugs.

“Our organisations will work with youth that will avail themselves for the programme to promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“SDGs are blueprint for development set by the UN General Assembly in 2015 for all member countries.

“The 17 SDGs are parts of Resolution 70/1 of the UN General Assembly with the theme, “Transforming our World: The 2030 Agenda For Sustainable Development”, and to help law enforcement as well,” Hounakey said.

He commended the country’s athletes at the recently concluded Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, United Kingdom for the superlative performance which saw the country finish as Africa’s best.

He further said, “we are lighting the torch of introspection to show ourselves what we need to do, not only to improve our well-being but to also display our relevance in the scheme of things.

“We also want to show the world that we can coexist in Africa in an environment suitable for the operation of the entirety of our activities.”

Retired Brig.-Gen. Lonsdale Adeoye , Founder/CEO, Foundation for the Support of Nigeria Veterans/Universal Peace Federation, said youths are the engine room of every society and as such their capacity must be developed.

He said the essence of the group coming to Nigeria was to ensure that the country’s youth were reckoned with in every step made towards ensuring a peaceful Africa.

“If this country must survive it is the youth. If the youth says no to any discussion, then, nothing happens.

“It is on record that 65 per cent of the country’s population is made up of youths and if they say no more fight or quarrel and that there must be peaceful election, definitely it will hold.”

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