President Buhari Honors Dr. Eleanor Nwadinobi: Prioritizing An End To Violence

(Abuja, Nigeria) Founding Co-Chair of the Every Woman Treaty Steering Committee Dr.
Eleanor Nwadinobi was received by President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria at the Aso
Villa for International Women’s Day 2020.

Dr. Nwadinobi is the first Nigerian to serve as President of the Medical Women’s
International Association. She recently served as a coauthor of the Safer Sooner
Report, released on February 20, 2020.

From Nwandinobi’s remarks to President Buhari: “This year marks the 25th anniversary
of the landmark Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action. The time is now to
dismantle obstacles facing women and girls for too long. The history of violence
experienced by generations of women and girls – including that which occurs in our
homes and public space – must end, and be prevented for our children and

“Nigeria is in a unique position to galvanize nations to lead the global call for a
treaty to end violence against women and girls.”


Background: The Safer Sooner Report reflects over six years of research and dialogue
with 1,700 leaders and 843 organizations from 128 countries. These experts,
organizations, and community leaders all came to the consensus that a global treaty
to end, and prevent, violence against women and girls, is the best next step.

The Safer Sooner Report identifies gaps under current international systems in
addressing and preventing violence against women and girls, and maps out a path to a
world where every woman can claim her right to live free from violence.

Dr. Nwadinobi is available for interviews. Please contact Elizabeth Blackney via email to schedule: (

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