First G20 Sherpa Meeting held in Riyadh

G20 Sherpas, the official representatives of G20 Member country Leaders, met for the
first time under the Saudi G20 Presidency in Riyadh this week. They were joined by
invited guest countries, as well as,
international and regional organizations to begin discussions towards
“Realizing Opportunities of the 21st Century for All”.

The pivotal role of the G20 Sherpas is to help pave the way to the G20
Leader’s Summit by progressing policy discussions in meetings throughout the
year. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will host a series of Sherpa
Meetings during its Presidency culminating in the Leader’s Summit in Riyadh
on 21-22 November 2020.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will facilitate the dialogue process to guide the
overarching policy discussions. Building on previous G20 achievements and reflecting
the spirit of collaboration among our Leaders,
the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is determined to build consensus around solutions to
address our common challenges.

The first Sherpa meeting focused on the aims of the 2020 G20 Presidency year:

• Empowering People, by creating the conditions in which people–
especially women and youth– can live, work and thrive, with discussions on
policies related to access to opportunities for all, sustainable
development goals, trade and investment, financial inclusion, employment, women
empowerment, health, education, and tourism.

• Safeguarding the Planet, by fostering collective efforts to protect our
environment, with discussions on environment, climate, water, food, and energy.

• Shaping New Frontiers, by adopting long-term and bold strategies to share
the benefits of innovation and technological advancement with a strong focus on
digital economy.

The meeting was chaired by Fahad Almubarak, the Saudi Sherpa, who elaborated:
“The G20 has a responsibility to the world to overcome current and emerging
issues, to tackle global challenges together, and to
make the world a better place for all.”

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