How To Improve Electrical Power Supply In Nigeria

Nigeria is a developing country. It is rich in natural resources which the country is yet to efficiently tap from. Nigeria has the largest dam in West Africa for producing electricity but the citizens of Nigeria are yet to have an uninterrupted power supply. This is due to poor management of resources available. The previous name of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria was the National Electric Power Authority. The government of Nigeria marketed PHCN to a lot of firms. 11 of these firms are the ones functioning in Nigeria. The ways below are the ways to improve electric power supply in Nigeria.

Tackling corruption

Power distribution channels are maneuvered by top officials in the power sector of Nigeria. This is due to corruption. The quantity of power they claim they distribute to the people of Nigeria is not the quantity. The records are manipulated to to sound fine in the ears of the Nigerian people. Corruption in the power sector have deep roots in Nigeria. Tackling corruption is one way to improve electrical power supply in Nigeria.

Use of renewable energy

Some kinds of energy are renewable. This kind of energy refers to the kind of energy that can come from natural sources. Different kinds of energy like wind turbines, hydro power and solar are renewable. A lot of nations are migrating from the use of gas to renewable energy. One of the examples of such energy is solar power. The use of solar panels is yet to have a place in Nigeria due to its costly nature. However the government can bring in more solar panels and make them available to the Nigerian people at affordable prices.

Upgrading equipments for transmission

Nigeria have not yet generated enough power for her citizens. One of the reasons is because some of the power plants in Nigeria are not functioning. This causes a decrease in the quantity of power from the plants. Some of these equipments and power plants need maintenance and maintaining them will keep them functioning.

Eliminate vandalism of electric power installations

Some Nigerians vandalise electrical installations and sell them to make more money. This is unethical and wrong. Vandalization of installations can interrupt efficient power supply in Nigeria. This is same way some Nigerians break oil pipelines in their regions in order to sell the oil for money. This is wrong too. Some of them have caused fire outbreak in the process which is not good for their neighborhood.

Diversifying the source of power

Nigeria is a large country. The country needs more than just one power source. Diversifying the source of power will enhance power supply in Nigeria. Different firms supply power to different regions of the nation and they can use diverse sources. Eko Electricity Distribution Company can supply electricity coming from wind plant while the rest can use power from hydro electricity.

All the firms in Nigeria will not have to utilise just one source of power.

The use of appliances for power conservation

A lot of Nigerians can make use of appliances for conservation like televisions, energy saving refrigerators, LED bulbs and power saving computers. This will make less electricity to be consumed.

Private/public partnership

The government and the private sector can work together to tackle the issue of erratic power supply in Nigeria. This merging of both the government and the private sector will improve the power sector of Nigerian.

Enacting better policies

There are certain agencies that control the power sector of Nigeria. These agencies include Nigeria. Electricity Liability Management Company, the Federal Ministry of Power, the Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trading Company PLC and the Nigeria Atomic Energy Commission. These agencies should inform the government to make better policies that are both inefficient and unsuitable for the people of Nigeria. They should consider the power sector challenges. The new policies should replace the policies that enhance electrical distribution, transmission and power generation. Ensuring that policies are kept is necessary too.

Improving NERC

The organization responsible for regulating electric power in Nigeria is the National Electricity Regulatory Commission. The commission handles the power tariffs, electricity tariffs and the promotion of electric policies that are friendly to the environment. The NERC encourages power utility and creation. They are the ones that regulate energy distribution, transmission and generation. The NERC has a function which is to enhance the use and supply of power in Nigeria. A lot of people in Nigeria lament on tariff regulation and this is because distribution firms just estimate the quantity of electricity used without checking the meters often.

Training of more power personnel

The use of alternative modes of power supply involves the installation of solar panel. A lot of people do not know how to install these solar panels. Training more personnel to install and service these installations will encourage more Nigerians to use these panels since the personnel to service and install them are more available. This is one of the reasons why the use of solar panels is yet to have its place in Nigeria. The government can offer scholarships to Nigerians to study more about solar panels and how it can come closer to the common Nigerian. Sponsorship of technical training programs that train people in the installation and use of solar panels is another way to encourage its use.

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