Bayelsa leaders move to make George-Ikoli governor

Solidarity for Bayelsa State governorship aspirant on the platform of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Barrister Anthony George-Ikoli has come from prominent leaders in the state.

The leaders on Saturday described George-Ikoli as the best person to replace Governor Seriake Dickson at Bayelsa State Government House.

‘’Our political trajectory since the return of democracy as a microcosm of Nigeria, is undoubtedly and indisputably at a crossroad, where primordial sentiments and parochial misstatements cannot and must not be allowed to
determine the leadership our beloved State deserves at a time like this. The road to renaissance and bedrock of the revival already laid cannot brook the unconscionable antics of revisionists, skeptics and pessimists.
The developmental desideratum cannot be accomplished unless we unearth from the deep recesses of our psyche, the poisonous debilitating trivia that some unenlightened, ill-informed, ill-motivated and mischievous people,
with cunning and bad faith, may be unable to acknowledge or appreciate the imperative for appropriate leadership in Bayelsa’’.

They pointed out that the fear expressed by some politicians over
transparency, accountability and development of the state could be handled
appropriately by George-Ikoli.

‘’It goes without saying that for sustainable progress to be realistically
attained in our socio-political and economic existence, of necessity
patriotic gauntlets need to be picked and acrimonious hatchets dropped. All
we should strive to achieve is a benevolent and altruistic leadership that
is able to create happiness, wellbeing, and provide the “GOOD LIFE” to the
generality of the citizens and dwellers of Bayelsa State; consciously
governed by reason, truth, equity and justice, without malice, rivalry and
divisive idiosyncrasies’’.

Considering the tremendous respect which George-Ikoli has acquired through
his years in private and public service, the leaders said the decision to
endorse him was based on the conviction that he would provide a good
leadership and address the dearth of development projects in some

‘’No doubt, many things still need be done, and many things need be
changed, but Anthony George Ikoli’s hand is already on the plough and all
that is needed, is for the citizenry to join as change agents. After all,
we can only attain excellence if and when we do the right things, in the
right way, in the right place, and at the right time. We must perceive the
greatness Bayelsa portends, acknowledge greatness in Ikoli’s leadership,
and conceive variegated ways to enhance that greatness, so that the
benefits of the awesome endowments (human and material) would be bequeathed
to all and our posterity’’

Rising from a meeting in Yenagoa, the leaders expressed faith in

‘’The intent here is not to offer platitudinous postulations and
preachments, and it is not intended to indulge in acerbic criticism of
those with contrary views, but to assert certain inalienable facts, and
elucidate, inform, and educate on the salient reasons why Bayelsans should
support, Chief Anthony George Ikoli (AGI) for Governor of Bayelsa State.
Let us begin by asserting that with charity to all, malice to none, and
assuredness in the will of Almighty God that all we seek is justice, peace
and progress for our great State. We are emboldened by the truth; energized
and invigorated by our beliefs; and compelled by our pedigree and
predilection for good governance, accountability and transparency’’

The leaders, whose objective is to ensure the emergence of George-Ikoli as
governor of Bayelsa State in a statement signed by the National Coordinator
of Affirmative Bloc for Credible Democracy (ABCD) and Voice of the
Electorate (VOTE), Alatubo P. Charles Harry described George-Ikoli as a
trust-worthy, astute, courageous and dependable leader.

‘’We come to you with a deep sense of patriotism and commitment, and
hopefully a true understanding and appreciation of the wishes, desires,
aspirations, hopes and prayers of the good people of Bayelsa State. Our
people crave for a stable and caring government; a government with
integrity, dignity, and serenity; a government of honour, candour and
valour; a government of perspicacity, vivacity and sagacity. Our people’s
aspirations for change, good governance, peace, security, progress and
prosperity know no bounds. All they care about is trust-worthy, astute,
courageous and dependable leadership’’.

The leaders stressed that George-Ikoli’s governorship ambition was an
answer to the clarion call by well-meaning individuals, including
traditional rulers, frontline politicians and professionals.

‘’We perceive George-Ikoli as a true democrat; accountable and subservient,
whose tenure as Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice has proven his
worth, diligence and reliability. He has shown vision and has delivered on
the mission; he has exhibited honour, wisdom and courage; radiated
simplicity, goodness and fruitfulness; tolerates criticism and opposition;
with a carriage of benevolence, mien of deliberate thoughtfulness, and
cerebral demeanor. He has demonstrated astute reason and political sagacity
in his steadfastness and loyalty to the PDP, and has always been true to
his mandate, and will govern to the best of his ability and in the best
interest of Bayelsa State’’.

They praised George-Ikoli for his excellent performance in the public and
private sector.

‘’George-Ikoli is reputed to deliver on promises and his word has always
been his bond. Majority of Bayelsans and indeed all men of goodwill, no
doubt will like to see George-Ikoli as Governor, to be a bridge betwixt the
past, straddling the present to create a glorious future. Bayelsa State is
no doubt in a hurry to reinvent itself and would certainly not brook the
antics of revisionists who portend the State no good, nor would it allow
its enlightened self-interest to be sacrificed to the lesser gods of
avarice, greed and atavistic chauvinism. The voting populace, surely, are
no amnesiacs to have forgotten so soon, what the benevolent altruistic
administrations of HRM. King Alfred Diete Spiff and Chief Melford Okilo
(both illustrious Bayelsans) did as Governors of the old Rivers State’’.

They dismissed the governorship ambition of some aspirants in the state.

‘’AGI is not only eminently qualified and deserving of your mandate to
rejuvenate the patrimony and heritage of Bayelsa as the GLORY OF ALL
LANDS. Leadership is not idolatry, deification or iconolatry; it is about
service, vision and a mission. It is not about unbridled individualism,
inordinate ambition or the aggrandisation of power and glory; it should be
ennobling and selfless. Let it be said and clearly so, that the leadership
our people need, want, and deserve is one that would build bridges of
unity; enhance our togetherness; deliver development and progress; and most
important of all, provide peace, prosperity and security.

They also called on Bayelsans to rally round the former attorney general
and commissioner of justice.

‘’ The Affirmative Bloc for Credible Democracy (ABCD) and Voice of the
Electorate (VOTE), urge all Bayelsans to “Vote the Change you can see” and
ensure George-Ikoli is returned as the candidate of the People’s Democratic
Party (PDP) on September 3rd and elect Chief Anthony George-Ikoli [SAN] to
CREEK HAVEN come November 2019, as the governor Bayelsa State deserves.’’

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