Lillian just graduated from University and instead of the usual expectation of getting an office job, she decided to go into real estate from a startup fund she got from her father. As a newbie that didn’t know much before diving into real estate, she made so many mistakes. How did the mistake happen? Lillian didn’t have a grasp of proper information which made her do the wrong things some of the time. The most crucial aspect of it she missed is having a mentor to put her through, so she wasted a lot of time doing trial and error. But all these experiences are for good. They molded and shaped Lillian to be better at what she did. She learned, unlearned, and relearned.


Sometimes, mistakes are the best experience that carves a better future. Newbies in real estate have a lot to learn that would help them do better. We are in an era where you shouldn’t fall at a disadvantage because all facilities are available at our disposal to do just fine if we know how to make use of them. However, if you don’t know, it might be an extreme sport to have easy.


So, what are the smart moves? 

  1. Research

You can’t do away with research in any sector you decide to delve into. This is an important step that must not be skipped. Research helps you figure out solutions to problems. Then, you will be able to know what will work for you in the long run.

Look out for people who have been into the business and ask them questions. If you can, intern with them so you have more knowledge about the sector.


  1. Read

Reading should be a habit if you want to do well in real estate. Read books, publications, news, etc. about real estate and about people who are into the business.


  1. Check things out yourself

Do not hear things and run with them. Find out on your own. Being in real estate requires that you be on the move and not for just being on the move’s sake, you have to do the assignment yourself by checking, asking, and finding information about everything related to your niche in real estate.


  1. Create your niche

To do well easily in real estate, create your niche. Don’t pick up everything at once. You may think that you have the energy to do it all but this slows down your progress. Just focus on a niche and develop in it.


  1. Go for courses relating to real estate

Real estate is not studied in our higher institutions but there are various courses you can register for online that help you build more capacity to be more successful in real estate. Invest in yourself. Investing in yourself is learning more in all avenues available for improvement. Buy books and read widely. In all of these, don’t thrash street knowledge as it’s equally important.


  1. Look out for a mentor

A mentor is vital at this point. You need someone to be accountable to daily. This will help you be more organized, focused, and less confused. It’s not just any mentor you look out for, find the one that is in line with what you are doing.

  1. Be more of a listener and an observer

If you want to learn, then, you have to reduce how much you talk and jump on issues. Pay attention to details and read in-between lines. Listening and observing would make you discover secrets applicable to how you go about your real estate business.

  1. Create a network of people

Creating a network of people allows for creating solid connections, and secure contacts that boost your business. But you have to be tactical with the kind of people you intend to create connections with so you don’t have too many people that can’t impart value in your real estate business.


  1. Work on your portfolio

A great portfolio projects that you know what you are doing and are a professional while at it. This makes investors trust your judgment and be rest assured to put their money on whatever you present to them. So, working on your portfolio enhances your chances to do well and be successful in the real estate business.

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