Medical Expert Advocates Free Healthcare For Special Class Of People

Dr Bello AbdulAfeez, a medical expert, has called on the government to address the health needs of special class of people, especially those at the grassroots level.
AbdulAfeez made the appeal yesterday while speaking at a medical outreach organised by Amicable Hospital, Ilorin, in collaboration with Zakkat and Sadaqat Foundation and the Frontliners, an NGO.
He particularly called on government to give free healthcare to special class of people like pregnant women, children of under five years of age and aged of 65 years and above.
“Giving special attention to health needs of special class of people like children of under five year, pregnant women and aged people of 65 years and above would go along way in reducing apathy in health facilities,” the expert said.
The programme featured health talk, which focused on systemic hypertension, screening for hepatitis, blood pressure, weight and hight check while appropriate medication was also recommended for many of the participants.
He said the programme, which had various specialists in attendance, was to give back to the society.
AbdulAfeez observed that despite suffering from disease condition, a lot of people still prefer patronising traditionalists instead of visiting the hospital.
This, according to him, is one of the major factors responsible for increasing rate of health risk among the people.
“That is why our life expectancy keeps reducing because a lot of people die from avoidable health condition,” he said.
He advised people to visit health facilities regularly for early detection of disease.
The Administrator Officer for Zakkat and Sadaqat Foundation, Mr Surajudeen Adisa, said the programme was part of areas of focus of the foundation.
He said the programme was to address needs of the people at the grassroots, especially indigent people, assuring that the programme will be sustained.
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