2023: Canada Based Educationist Joins Presidential Race

Prof. Benedicta Egbo, a Canada based educationist yesterday joined the 2023 presidential race on the platform of the Nigerian Rescue Movement (NRM).
Egbo said this in Asaba, promising to provide the necessary leadership for Nigeria’s development.
“Nigeria, a blessed country, has been taken back to its dark days by leaders who promised the citizens better deals, but ended up taking them to the pit of hell through high level of ineptitude and insecurity,” she said.She, however, said that Nigeria remained a blessed country in desperate need of good leadership.
“Nigeria desired a President that is highly principled and competent with a sound knowledge in handling its affairs,” she said.
Egbo unveiled a five point agenda that would guide her in office to include Economic Recovery, Growth and Development, Rule of Law, Justice, Equity, Fairness and National Unity; Peace and Security; Strengthening of Institutions.
Earlier, the state Chairman of the party, Mr Emmanuel America, reiterated that Nigeria was in dire need of good leadershipp at all levels.
America said that the NRM was ready to provide the necessary leadership to turn around the country for the better.
“Egbo is a woman with a sound knowledge and competence to rescue Nigeria from bad leadership, she has the qualities to also lead the citizens to the promised land, ” he said.

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