Gedu-Sabo-Oroki-Asipa Road Ready for Commissioning – Oyo Govt.

The Oyo State Government has declared that the 5.20km Gedu-Sabo-Oroki road in Oyo town is ready for commissioning.

The declaration was made by the State Commissioner for Public Works and Transport, Prof Dahud Sangodoyin, today, while inspecting the road.

He added that rehabilitation works on the road have been completed and it is ready for commissioning by the government for public use.

According to him, all specifications given to the contractor for the road were met, after proper inspection by the Engineers and Quality Assurance team from the Ministry.

He said, “The Gedu-Sabo-Oroki road which was awarded by the State Government, is ready for public use. We only await desilting of the drainage system and then finalizing the road markings.

“The inspection today is just to ascertain that all the specifications given to the contractor were followed and to the best of my knowledge we have actually checked the wearing course. It is satisfactory. The drainage system followed the specification of 1meter and all other instructions that were given to the contractor. Also, our counterpart in the Ministry of Energy has installed all the electric poles.”

Addressing the initial poorly constructed bridges on the road which the Governor directed to be pulled down, Sangodoyin said that the bridges are now well constructed.

“The one with 2 cells has been increased to 4 cells. While the one with a failed wall has been properly constructed and every other instruction and specifications has been duly followed by the contractor”, he said.

He however admonished road users to be careful of over-speeding as the road is now very smooth, adding that in due course they’ll observe how people speed on the road to know where to put speed breakers and every other necessary road signs.

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