You Must Be Sick to Call Gov. Ayade a Jester, Rex David tells Venatius Ikem

… Says No Leader in Nigeria’s History Has Deliberately Engaged Youths like Gov. Ben Ayade

A National Youth Leader aspirant of the All Progressives Congress APC, Rex David Mgbang has described Venatius Ikem, the PDP chairman in Cross Rivers State as sick for calling Governor Ben Ayade a jester, saying no leader in Nigeria’s history has deliberately engaged youths like Gov. Ayade.

Rex in a statement said, “I wouldn’t have liked to join issues with the jokers of the Peoples Democratic Party in Cross River State but when a State Chairman of a party, Venatius Ikem make unguided statements on a national newspaper it’s only normal to respond to him with facts.”

Describing Gov. Ben Ayade as a man of great innovations that has proven his nay-sayers wrong and returned Cross River State to the enviable part of speedy infrastructural and human capacity development, the APC National Youth leader aspirant noted that “it’s no longer news that his zeal and political blueprint to industrialized Cross River State has stood him out as the best governor amongst the committee of governors in the federation, despite the lean federal allocation that comes into the state, the governor single-handedly built over 10 factories. From the Rice Seedling Plant, Garment Factor, Calachika, Ogoja Ultra Modern Rice Milling Factory, Toothpick Factory, Cocoa Processing Factory to mention a few. All this is meant to redirect Cross River State from a Civil Servant State that is solely dependent on Federal allocation for financial survival to an industrialized and an economically viable state. Gov Ayade has all but achieved this great feat as most of the industries have commence operation and a few are up up to 80% completion.”

Text of the statement reads: “It’s also pertinent to note that Gov Ben Ayade is also the best governor in terms of youths friendliness/inclusiveness in his governance. He has over six thousand appointees, most of whom are youths.

“There is no arguing the fact that youths are the immune booster and life wire of any viable economy. Gov Ayade has taken advantage of this and massively include youths in his governance. This has stood him out amongst his peers.

“I make bold to say that Gov. Ben Ayade can be compare to the likes of former head of state, Gen. Yakubu Gowon who created 12 states and appointed youths to head them. Many of whom he has never met before in his life. Gowon was very detribalized. Ayade can also be best compare to Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s first prime minister who focused on industrializing his country on the backs on her youthful population. Today Singapore dubbed as the “Monaco of the East”, the red dot has beaten a path to steady economic progress and prosperity since the 1970s. And much of the city’s success today can be attributed to the vision of one man – Lee Kuan Yew.

“I believe Cross River State cannot continue to be a mono-economic state which is a total civil service state. So at the end of every academic year, the state turns out thousands of graduates with no jobs at hand like every other state in the country. Building these many industries and factories is the only way to go. Please, I want the PDP to tell me which other way the Governor could have better created more jobs and expanded her economy than what he is currently doing.

“Cross River State has less resources with a very large land mass and human capital. So without a visionary leader it’s impossible to develop a state like that. That’s why I respect the vision and ideas of Governor Ayade. He has been purposeful and diligent in his projects and governance. And it has all been about the young population. If leaders from our recent democracy have focused on Jobs, industries and Youth Empowerment like Governor Ayade, Nigeria would have been heading in the direction of Singapore or China who have taken over the world within the shortest period from definite drive towards engaging her youthful population.

“Recently, Ayade was awarded by the Federal Government for digitizing rice farming in Nigeria. This is the future. And it’s exactly where our youths want to be led towards. Anyone can construct roads, build hospitals and schools. That’s all the PDP idealizes. But as long as you have the money, it’s easy to do. Afterall, are you the person carrying the blocks? So stop congratulating Governors doing roads or flyovers. It’s easy. It’s just because they have the money.

“I challenge you to look at the states that their Governors are raising their shoulders high for constructing roads and ask them how many sustainable jobs they have created for youths in their states. No jobs. I tell you, give Gov. Ayade the kind of money Lagos, Rivers or Kano has and you’ll be begging him to come lead Nigeria as a country.

“I mustn’t also fail to appreciate leaders like Governor El-rufai of Kaduna State, Governor Zulum of Borno State, Governor Umahi of Ebonyi State and Governor Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State. Regardless of political leanings, these leaders have been very purposeful and futuristic in governance. However it’s not surprising that majority of them are from the APC stock. And it’s clearly because the party allows free robust debates and engagement amongst themselves. On like the opposition party that believes in authoritarian leadership and blind follow-ship.

“So, I would like to encourage Gov. Ben Ayade to follow his dream. Ignore the noise makers in the opposition party and if God pleases that he will become President of our great country nobody will be able to stop him.”

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