Supreme Court Ruling: Davies, others hail Eze’s contributions

……describe him as hero of struggle

As leaders and members of the Rivers State Chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) clinked glasses over the Supreme Court verdict which fumigated the party against all species of predators, including vultures and jackals, piercing and sucking insects and pests which preyed on the party for the past six (6) years, it was rains of warm encomiums and enthusiastic praises on a worthy party Chief; the erstwhile National Publicity Secretary of the defunct New Peoples Democratic Party (nPDP) and foundation member of APC, Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, whose regular media releases became a catalyst for stability and a pain-killing pill among members of the progressives’ family when hostility cruised unfettered.

Penultimate to the 2015 general elections, Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, having gotten wind of the grand conspiracy cooked by Sen. Magnus Ngei Abe and allies, by sheer providence, to sabotage the chances of the party at clinching her ready victory at the polls, forewarned and in fact, tried hard to expose the mischievous plots, and thereafter continued to raise alarms on Abe’s crafty devices even after the elections, alas!, no one took him seriously until Abe and his misguided cohorts succeeded to plunge the party into unprecedented crisis that caused the bleak future of thousands of party leaders and members in Rivers State.

The plot was to deny Dakuku Peterside, who emerged choice-candidate of party, the chance of offering leadership to Rivers people through the office of Governor, so there would not be an avenue to seek re-election in 2019. To them, Dakuku’s failure would definitely pave way for Senator Abe in 2019.

When in 2018 leading to the 2019 general elections, their scheme of featuring Abe as the gubernatorial candidate of the party met its waterloo, the band of saboteurs swore not to allow the party any peace or respite and in keeping to the terms of their oath, they continued to execute their nefarious machinations unfettered, against a party whose membership they claimed. Safe the Supreme Court verdict which made nonsense of their claims, the fate of the Rivers APC and indeed, Rivers people, would have continued to be hanging in the air. The actions of these unrepentant ingrates caused the party not to field any candidate for the 2019 general elections to pave way for the continued governance of the State by Chief Nyesom Wike who has no prepared agenda to develop the State.

From 2014 till March 2021, when the Supreme Court salvaged the party from the evil claws of Abe and his group, Chief Eze stood out amongst many other great leaders of the party who struggled to keep, encourage and motivate members to remain united, focussed and hopeful on the footing that one day, the party will be freed, and when finally freedom came, many thought it wise to recognize and salute the unwavering inputs of Chief Eze towards the struggle to liberate the soul of the party from the abyss where Abe was navigating it to.

Dr. Sonkote Davies, one of the pillars of the party in the State was the first to congratulate Chief Eze. His message came immediately after the Supreme Court judgement announcing Barr. Issac, the authentic Chairman of the Rivers APC.

His message reads:- “Chief, good morning. Igo Aguma has finally formalised his exit from the APC. He  finally accepted the advice you had given him and Magnus severally. I hope Magnus will heed the advice now” – Dr. Sonkote Davies, erstwhile RS APC State Chairman, former Executive Director, Marine and Operations, Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA), an Executive Director of the 2015 PMB Presidential Campaign Organization and former Federal Lawmaker.

Other similar messages that followed suit, acknowledging the inputs of Chief Eze during this Six years struggle were:-

“Chief, pls accept my deep appreciation for this and others that you have used (and still using) to sustain and lift the morale of the generality of party men and women. Much appreciation!!!”

Alabo Dr. Chris Finebone, Erstwhile most vocal and fearless RS APC Spokesperson.

“Eze Chukwuemeka Eze remains an averred hater of bad governance.  A radical advocate of an equitable society. An adherent believer of Rotimi Amaechi school of thought which is grounded in progressive governance. The grand commander of pen pushers. A torn on the flesh of misfits in government.

 Principled, focused and dynamic in pursuit of his goals. I admire his courage.” Dr. Omenazu Jackson.

“Chief, only God will reward you for standing in the gap for our Leader and our Party at this very difficult and challenging times. Let only Patriots rule. Good morning.” – Hon. George Ukwuomanwogba, first RS APC spokesperson

“Congratulations Chief. You always wrote with the conviction of a prophet. Our party must and should carry out a post mortem to ensure no element within will drag us back again”. Prof Andrew Efemini

“High chief I sincerely appreciate your tireless write up in support  of APC our dear party which have yield a good fruit. Your constant articles gives hope to many in and outside the party. May God Almighty continue to protect and reward you. Thanks for always standing with our dear leader CRA. Together we shall conquer.” – Omonaa Soakari

“We will be alive to witness our great party apc enthroned in power in Rivers state. Chief, I’m glad in the recent developments.  God bless you and our leader CRA’ – Barr Sam. Wosu, one of the APC Leaders in UK.

“Congratulations sir.

You fought like a lion and won victoriously. May the good lord continue to protect and provide all your needs; above all, may you harvest the fruits of your labour in good health and sound mind.” – Pastor Ezekiel Warigbani

“My oga, I have read the article sir. Laughter wan knock me out ooo! Your deployment of symbol and metaphor in the write  up were fantastically cocastic😜😜. You are the master at the pen war!. In short. you are the undisputed master of the pen game. How I wish I were like you sir. May God bless you for your selfless service for APC RVS and for CRA.- Dave Enyida!!

“I appreciate you so much very distinguished chief and Professor of the pen” – Barr West

“Sir, you’re highly vocal and medially ubiquitous in the media. You’re doing well.” – Eluu Thomas Eze

“Congratulations my dogged writer over the supreme Court  victory of Rivers APC today.” – Idaye Samuel

“The pen is mightier than the sword, you deserve to be celebrated. Good morning my brother.”- Hon. John Enebeli

*”Your role in the media was really helpful given courage to APC family who almost gave up. You need to be celebrated. Seriously.” Tams Owus

Chief Eze, you have always made us proud in this Rivers State. If not for a personality like you, Rivers APC and of course, our Supreme Leader, Rt Hon Chibuike Amaechi’s would have been dragged to the mud by the wicked and visionless Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike and his cohorts.”

Cassius Nwikoro

“True, Chief Eze, around Oct last year,  you appealed to people to hold on,  that this state of things would soon be over. 

When people flew the kite of reconciliation,  you stated that it was of no use bc situation would soon render it unnecessary. 

You also said repeatedly that those fighting CRA were no longer true members but are mercenaries using their membership card to destroy the party for a paying master outside. 

All those positions seem to have been proved true today with the outcome of the Supreme Court judgement on issues pertaining to RS APC.

Last line: The man shutting down his facilities to claim to remain may be doing so because the guber hope they sold to him has since dissipated. He seems used and dumped.  He has nowhere to go.  So,  this step cannot be altruistic OR true change of heart but due to hopelessness.  It could also be a rehearsed Plan B to stay to qualify for more inside damage,  suits,  factional war tactics,  etc,  on bona fide status,  still for the paymaster.  There is still more vigilance ahead by well meaning CRArians. The war is still not over. It’s dangerous to celebrate too early or accept him back. 

Good morning”. Prof. IG Nwachukwu.

“Chf Eze should be celebrated for many great jobs he has accomplished for RVS APC as well as for CRA. I believe celebration time will come. Chief Eze is a big GOLD FISH that no one will overlook when the time of share the pumpkin comes.” Mr. Enyinda.

“If the victory of Rivers APC, is worth celebrating, which in my opinion deserves to be celebrated, the media publicities, as well as the media crossfire against the common enemies of Rivers Apc and the transportation minister by Chief Eze, impacted greatly on members of the party.

To this effect the bulk of credit goes to Chief Eze chukwuemeka Eze “The Amaechi Media War Commander

The Man Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, And What He Stands For, By Benson Nwachukwu.

Like a consummate politician cum journalist, Chief Eze is an intellectual giant with a ready response to every piece that merit his attention, more especially those against AMAECHI and Rivers APC.

With limitless energy, and public awe, he chums out articles in defense of Rivers Apc and the Transportation Minister, as though he had prepared them before the unfolding of events.

As the Amaechi media war commander, Chief Eze is a regular antagonist to political sabotage and saboteurs to like Abe, Aguma, Ben chioma,Tony Okocha, Worgu the Boms and their likes.

Chief has fought and won many media battles. He has also waged several campaigns of calumny, targeted at Rivers APC and the Transportation Minister.

To this end, hear the 10 media titles of Chief Eze, as conferred on him by different individuals.

1. Oga Eze the Amaechi media war commander. Benson Nwachukwu

2. Professor of DELIVERYOLOGY. kingsley Etche.

3.Ezegacious penfire_

Momoistic, the Eastern media Guru.

4. The Erudite pen scholar. Barr. Opubo West.

5. APC Global media Czar. Godspower Igwe.

6. The voice of Niger Delta _Princess Ogbonna.

7. Mad character Assassin.

Kennedy Friday.

8. The great Essayist, Inscriber and Articulated Chief.

Igbo Ikechi Cyril.

9. Eze one man Riot squad – Austino.

10. Chief Eze, the bombardier – Benson Nwachukwu.

11. “A hero and unshaken loyalist to the core” – Emma Ono

12. “…Dogged fighter” Wakili Bappa

Chief Eze and His Public Commendations

1. Benard Eze Have This To Say: 

Chief Eze, I will never cease from thanking and commending you for ur wonderful efforts in building and sustaining the efficacy of the APC family in Rivers state and beyond, Chief Sir, God will surely reward you handsomely for all you are doing for our well-being God bless you. Sir_Benard Eze.

2. Prof Nwachukwu Wrote:

“Chief congrats on the fall of Abe’s Aguma, you have proved that, you are one who fought consistently in the media against conspiracy of Abe and Aguma. The battle still rage’s oh oooo, but at least the world can see the results of your consistent and sacrificial fighting.

Prof Nwachukwu

3. Comrade Princewill Azubuike Media, Director of Fresh Hope.

“Chief is a political sledgehammer, a catalyst for positive change, a dodger fighter, a warlord, not by guns or physical Armory, but with brain, and pen, a defender of true Justice/cause. The media backbone of the performing minister.

4. Justice Njoku

“You’re indeed a colossus, your mastery of grammar and coherent expression in this regard is second to none. keep the flag flying in the process of time you will reap your labour bountifully _Justice NJOKU.

In the process of defending the Rivers APC and the Transportation Minister, there were a lot of attacks and name calling from different angles including Chief Wike, the Governor of Rivers State, who in his media broadcast addressed Chief Eze as “that IGBO BOY”.

Chief was also threatened with legal actions, by Abe and his co travellers for defending the Rivers and Amaechi.

In fact, Chief Eze was the media anchor man of the Rivers APC, during the BISI AKANDE’S Peace and Reconciliation committee set up by the defeated Adams Oshiomhole led national working committee.

To this end congratulating Chief Eze is in order, looking at the many media battles fought and won, including the too many attacks on this media guru, who painstakingly committed his life joining hands with other stakeholders, to winning this war.

I therefore passionately appeal to the leadership of Rivers state to as a matter of fact celebrate Chief Eze chukwuemeka Eze for the victory of Rivers APC at the Supreme Court.

The Joy of Prof. Nwachukwu knew no bounds when the news of Abe’s defeat got to him as he exclaimed thus: “Chief Eze! You proved my theory right. Right from Odili exit time, I have been advising governors to leave behind a discreet media fighting unit to defend them from ceaseless onslaught that must come when the official media apparatus would no longer be there.  They ignore it at their peril, until you rose up on your own to prove the theory right. Tell me what CRA would have done without such a unit you set up.  His followers would have since scattered.  Well, glory be to God.  Now, my theory is a law.

From hypothesis to theory to law.

Let me admit that they tried to ask their press secretaries to do it but that’s feeble.  GEJ appointed my friend, Ikechukwu Eze,  as media aide.  He only issues statements once in a while.  Odili had to appoint Emma Okah when the battle became very fierce.  Amaechi felt Iyorfor was OK. In all,  no discreet unit fully equipped was set up. You set yourself up bc you saw the urgent need,  esp seeing the agenda of his successor.”

Now, it is better understood why Chief Eze is the most hated fellow among the section of Rivers State political groups for dislodging them from their devious plots against CRA. Eze is abused and insulted on daily basis by some misguided elements to prove that they are making a political point but his trust in God will not cease.

A big thank you to the leadership of the party for their supports in making the fight worthwhile.

Needless calling for the expulsion of Abe that is just making him relevant hence he has been defeated.

My Appreciation:

I give God all the Glory for His protective Arms and wisdom to go through this not minding the threats and attempts on my life severally. I thank my brother and boss, Rt. Hon. Dr. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi not minding all the gangups and pleas to him to discourage or stop me from this struggle.

To all those who commented or rendered assistance to me one way or the other, God will surely appreciate you all for me.

To my Media Team, Media Partners, Associates, Publishers and Journalists that have continued to tolerate all my shortcomings, God will pay you back in hundredfolds because without your inputs and help all these commendations and feats will not be possible.

Let me reiterate that the battle is not yet over if we are to consider the current raging by the unrepentant Senator Magnus Abe and his cohorts but we will overcome and disgrace them by the grace of God no matter the odds so let us not be dismayed or discouraged as we unite to salvage Rivers State from its present sad situation.


Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze,

APC Chieftain & former National Publicity Secretary, nPDP

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