Buhari Urges Newly Decorated Service Chiefs To Identify Competent Officers

President Muhammadu Buhari has charged the newly appointed Service Chiefs to be team players and Patriots even as Nigerians look up to them for support and relief.

Buhari who made the charge at the state house while he decorated the service chiefs further directed them to identify competent officers irrespective of seniority and paper qualifications.

I have charged the new Service Chiefs to keep in mind that the nation is looking to them for rapid relief. They must identify competent officers irrespective of seniority and paper qualifications, and work with them to secure this country. As C-in-C I am backing them 100 percent.”

The President thus charged them to ensure peace and security around the nation.

“As I assured at our last security meeting, I have taken responsibility as C-in-C for them to go out into the fields and every part of the country, to ensure peace and security. I have accepted responsibility for all actions taken in fulfillment of the mandate to secure Nigeria,” the President said.

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