Evil That Men Do : How Desperation Made Woman Snatch My 42 Year Old Spouse – _UK Based Wife_

I have lived with my spouse for over seven years in UK. We have been living together happily in Europe until one day I noticed a woman flirting with him on the social network -Facebook. She persistently calls my partner’s phone with different numbers every morning 6.00am, chatting him up. When I confronted him, he said there is no relationship. I believed my spouse because he rarely visits (once a year) Nigeria and the communication with Blessing has only been on phone.

Prior to the lockdown, I travelled to South Africa while my partner travelled to Nigeria. Apparently, Blessing Ejike Anigbogu retrieved my phone number from Spouse’s phone while he is Nigeria and started calling and insulting me, telling me how she “formatted my mans brain that all that is in his head is her name”. After the lockdown was relaxed, my partner and I returned back to Europe. Blessing Ejike continued calling us, if my partner doesn’t answer she would call me and asking me to leave my man and my home for her. Blessing Ejike persisted on breaking my home. She continued sending nudes and enticing my man further into a relationship with her until eventually he struggled to please me in bed, all he could think about was this girl.

Since my Spouse arrived to Europe from Nigeria, he’s never been the same. He no longer socializes with friends, having nightmares all the time. He even thinks I want to kill him. He now isolates himself from friends and family. Blessing Ejike told me that she will deal with me personally, sending me messages threatening that she would certainly take my position as she must reside in UK. She swore to break my home as “she don’t F*** sense commot his brain”. It was revealed by some great men of God, that a spell was indeed cast on Spouse while he was Nigeria. His behavioural pattern is also very clear that a certain influence has been placed on him.

I made frantic efforts to contact Blessing’s family & friends in Nigeria to let them know how Blessing Ejike is about to break my home. It was further revealed by Blessings close friend that she dates a lot of men, only from Europe. She is in desperate need to marry a man residing in Europe so she can be able to relocate to Europe. Blessing’s mother specifically apologized for her daughter’s attitude; saying “she wasn’t aware this rubbish is going on” her friends and family are disappointed at her selfish concerns. But there is no stopping Blessing. In September, Blessing called me to apologize and pleaded that she would desist from any form of relationship with my Spouse. Unfortunately, In November, I discovered that Blessing is still secretly communicating with my spouse teasing out private information about our home so she can use it against me. She has also coerced my Spouse into fixing a wedding on the 09th of January 2021 in Nigeria. My spouse family is not happy but now at a point of surrendering. The way the girl don’t have shame she even sent me the wedding pre photos and a copy of the wedding card. Desperate is a understatement in this situation with regards to this girl’s actions. As for my spouse, there is nothing you can tell him, he only listens to Blessing, not even his own family and close friends. We all have spoken, prayed, we are tired.

This desperate young girl have actually made a bad bargain because unknowing to her with the status of my spouse he cannot bring her to UK. In this case, when he returns to UK for another 12 months will she remain house girl in the family home or continue to cause drama in my home and I will not have peace? Will she continue with her numerous boyfriends whilst manipulating my man? Does it mean there are no young men that can suit this girl in Nigeria or is this a case of extorting money and surviving her lifestyle? With the information her mother knows why is she not stopping this charade? 

Dear readers, this is one really complicated matter and surely advice is needed on how to handle the delicate issue. What do you think she should do?

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