Manchester City Targets 4 Transfers

Manchester City targets up to 4 transfers this summer. This is the aim of the Premier League winner to improve the team’s squad. The players targeted for transfer by the team are:



Pep has recorded 6 trophies and this is in 2 seasons with up to 198 points and they are making room for improvement in the Champions League. Pep has links with the Blues in terms of transfers and there are 4 players who are more likely to sign.



4 players in SkyBet are likely to go to Manchester City. Saul Niguez and Joah Cancelo are players likely to go to Manchester City.



Rodri is in Athletic Madrid and there are links for him to Manchester City. He is the one who scheduled to replace Fernandinho whose age is up to 34. He is a midfielder of 22 years with 6ft 3 inch in height and is a crucial target for Manchester City. The Spanish player plays like Guardiola.


Ben Chilwell

Ben Chilwell is a left back player from Leicester and has performed in the last 2 seasons. Chilwell does well for England. Leicester does well for England. Leicester does not want the player to leave even though Manchester City wants to bring in the player.


Harry Maguire

Harry is another player from Manchester City and he performed well during the last World Cup. Manchester City wants this English player since they intend to replace Vincent Kompany.



Isco has links with the Blues for the last 5 to 6 seasons. He appeared only 11 times in the league and is a player for Real Madrid. He is a target for Manchester City.


Gabriel Jesus will wear the no 9 T-shirt for Manchester City

 Brazilian striker Gabriel who wore the No 33 T-shirt earlier in Manchester City will now wear the no 9 T-shirt for the club. The Premier League winner says he hopes to get more trophies for Manchester City in the coming season. Gabriel says the no 9 T-shirt is the shirt he wears for Brazil. He has scored 45 goals for the team earlier in Manchester City. Gabriel played for a complete 90 minutes for Brazil in the 5-0 win over Peru. Brazil had a draw with Venezuela in Copa America where Gabriel played along with William, Roberto Firmino, Dani Alves and Roberto Firmino.


The Brazilian striker will now wear the no 9 T-shirt for Manchester City.

Kyle Walker agrees for a new contract of 5 years with Manchester City


Manchester City’s defender  Kyle Walker have signed a new contract of 5 years with the team. The football champions made the deal with the defender this very month and gave him an extension. Guardiola did not bring in the player last Christmas in the previous league games but the player found his way back to the team where he played a crucial role as the team flourished in the last season. Manchester City extended his contract and gave him a pay rise.

The former Tottenham player says he want to play at the highest tournament and go for trophies. He said the vision of the team matches his. He joined Manchester City from Tottenham in 2017 where he made a 5-year agreement which remains 3 years now. His salary of £100000 per week has been increased by Manchester City. He is a crucial player for Guardiola. Walker have stiff competition with Trent Alexander Arnold for a starting place but the team have put him in a crucial position. Walker joined Manchester City for trophies and have won 2 trophies, one FA cup and 2 Premier Leagues at the two seasons. The director of football for Manchester City said they are pleased to have Kyle defend for the team. He’s got the ability, speed and strength and is a crucial part of the squad. Tviki said the player contributed to the team.

Zinchenko signs a three year extension in Manchester City

Manchester City won the entire 4 trophies of England in a season and Zinchenko was present. Zinchenko have played up to 29 times in these games. The player said he is pleased to play for Manchester City since the team improves and develops players. The director of football for Manchester City Tviki said the player is a fantastic left back and a first touch and that he fits well into the team. He said his play inproves continuously including his attitude as a player. Zinchenko joined Manchester City in 2016 after he placed the group matches in Ukraine for the European Championships.

After he signed the deal with Manchester City, Eindhoven went to PSV and this was on loan. Zinchenko played on his side and became a crucial member of the City’s squad after coming back from Holland. He appeared 12 times in the league for Eredivisie’s side. Zinchenko’s contract extension will keep him in the team till 2024.

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