Health Benefits Of Eating Garlic

Garlic has a lot of health benefits. It is medicinal and a recommendation for people. There are many reasons to make garlic part of your dishes. Many people are yet to know why they should eat garlic. This article talks about the health benefits of eating garlic. The benefits are below.


1) Garlic has sulphur

There is sulphur content in garlic and other chemical compounds. Sulphur has much biological benefits.


2) It has few calories

Garlic has much nutrients but has low calories. One ounce has manganese, vitamin C, vitamin B6, fiber and selenium with reasonable quantities of vitamin B1, copper, phosphorus and potassium. It has traces of the rest of the nutrients and has up to 12 calories, protein (1.8g) and carbon (9g).


3) Garlic can reduce cold and boost the immunesystem

Supplements containing garlic are known to boost the immune system. Studies for 12 weeks show that garlic reduces cold to up to 63% in place of other plants. Those who take garlic experience much reduction in cold. It was found too that garlic cuts the days of sickness by 61%.


4) Garlic can reduce blood pressure

Cardiovascular diseases like high blood pressure can cut down with the use of garlic. It is a medical recommendation for reducing the pressure of the blood. It was found that garlic extracts of between six hundred to one thousand five hundred does the same thing Atenolol which is a drug for blood pressure does. This happens in a period of 24 weeks. 4 cloves for each week is the quantity necessary to achieve this.


5) Garlic cuts down cholesterol

Compounds containing garlic are known to cut down the level of cholesterol in the system. Garlic can reduce it down to 15%. This is one of the advantages of eating garlic. High level of cholesterol is a disease and can reduce with the use of garlic.


6) Garlic can prevent Dementia and similar diseases

The aging process involves an oxidative damage and this is from free radicals. It has antioxidants which support the protective system of the body from damages. Garlic supplements promotes enzymes which are antioxidants and this reduces Dementia. Another disease it can reduce is Alzheimer’s disease.


7) Garlic encourages longetivity

Since garlic reduces much infections and diseases, it encourages longetivity.


8) Improves athletic performance

Garlic enhances performance in athletic activities and is a recommendation for sports. It can cut fatigue and promote the capacity of sportsmen and women. In ancient Greece, athletes receive garlic during Olympics because it promotes exercise. Those who have diseases noticed improvement after taking garlic oil in 6 weeks and they have more capacity to exercise.


9) It detoxifies heavy metals

Garlic can detoxify and keep the body from damages from toxic compounds. Studies that took place in a battery plant shows that garlic cuts the level of lead inside the blood system down to 19%. This has a cleaning effect on the body system. It was found that taking garlic doses does better than D-penicillanine, a drug.


10) It promotes bone health

Garlic cuts bone loss by promoting estrogen. This is useful for women who have reached menopause. One dose containing garlic extracts reduced estrogen deficiency.


11) It can be used on many dishes

Garlic is something you can add to different dishes and they come in different forms like garlic oil, extract, smooth pastes and cloves. You can mix garlic with some salt, olive oil and garlic press. Garlic can serve in stews, jollof rice, spaghetti and so on. So if you want to take more garlic, you cook more of these dishes and add garlic to it.

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