“Desperation and Frustration: The Product of Nigerian Democracy” – I Go Dye

A popular comedian in Nigeria — I Go Dye — recently accused the Federal
Government of Nigeria of the worrisome developments in the country. Following the
swearing-in of the President, Muhammadu Buhari, for another four years on
Wednesday, May 29, 2019, the comedian decries the spate of heightened insecurity
and killings in the country. This he said has not favored the economy over the period of
his administration.

The popular comedian, in his speech during the inauguration ceremony of the
President’s second tenure in administration, lamented that the Federal Government of
Nigeria has failed to transform the economy in the last 20 years.

The comedian, in his statement, further said that the will, freedom and hopes the people
have, in a democratic government, has been violated and that does not speak well of
the government.

He said that over the period of years gone by, the incidence of corruption, crime, hate,
kidnapping, and injustice has escalated to an unbearable height, and all these go to the
detriment of the people who elected them into power. Inflation is staggering, as most
citizens cannot afford the price of basic commodities in the Market. Also, he claimed
that the gap between the rich and poor continues to widen as poverty keeps growing
like cancer.

The comedian bemoans further in his statement, accusing former Presidents,
Governors and the Legislators over their huge take-home pay, and jumble allowances
which the ordinary civil servants have never enjoyed in 35 years. For Civil servants, it
has become so frustrating when they are about to collect their pensions. The political
space has given an opportunity for a religious society that has no regard for the lives of

Politicians today are desperate and their selfish interest is more paramount to them.
This desperation and frustrations have given rise to suicide, insurgents, Fulani
herdsmen, kidnappers, militants, Boko Haram and other political and religious motivated
social vices in the country, He said.

It is sorrowful to me because, in the next four years, there will be a new category of
people that will become billionaires at the expense of the people. The poor, the old, the
young, and our generations of unborn may have to live with this injustice and
lawlessness for a long time. The comedian, in his sarcastic congratulatory message,
said the nation is pretentious and claiming all is well with its citizens whereas a few are
taking advantage of the wealth made for the people, in enriching themselves.

It pained the comedian that a nation like Nigeria still deliberate on a new minimum wage
of 30,000 Naira while those in power go home with millions of naira and yet
unquestioned. He wondered why the black race is backward, urging the leaders to
curtail their expensive lifestyle as it may have a deteriorating effect on the economy

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