Ways To Enhance Democracy In Nigeria

Democracy is defined as the best form of government for any country. It is the government of the people, for the people and by the people. Democracy has its origins from the Greeks. The Greeks were the first people to practice democracy. Today it is the best form of government for countries. Nigeria’s democracy is yet to mature but will mature if the measures in this article are implemented. Nigeria have seen military rule and the coups that go with it.

Democracy offers any country benefits better than other forms of government. In this article, we will look at ways to enhance Nigeria’s democracy.

Measures To Promote Democracy In Nigeria

1) Regard for the rule of law

Democracy will crumble without regard for the rule of law. Regard for the rule of law is for both citizens and politicians. This will ensure the sustenance of democratic values.

2) Promoting patriotism

Lack of patriotism can harm Nigeria’s democracy. Unpatriotic elites and politicians are a threat to the democracy of Nigeria. Both citizens and politicians should be patriotic to support democracy in Nigeria.

3) Regard for human rights

Without regard for human rights, Nigeria’s democracy will not improve. There should be freedom of speech and religion in the country since this can promote democracy. Christians and Moslems should live together in peace. People should be able to air their views and share their opinions.  Violators of human rights should be brought to book.

4) Free and fair election

This is one of the foundations of democracy in any country. A free and fair election lets people choose who leads them. Rigging of elections is a breach of democracy in Nigeria. A free and fair election can be promoted through the use of electoral bodies that are truly independent. The ruling party should not interfere with the electoral body to ensure a free and fair election in Nigeria.

5) Removing irrelevant laws

Some laws in Nigeria are not democratic and these laws hamper democracy. Relevant authorities in Nigeria should amend or remove these irrelevant laws.

6) Promote interaction between the arms of government

Dialogue and interaction between the various arms of government will improve democracy. There should be cordiality between the judiciary, legislature and the executive. If the executive, legislature and judiciary are not operating together, it can hamper democracy in Nigeria.

8) A fair judicial system

Without a fair judicial system in Nigeria, democracy will not improve. The politicians should not influence court decisions. A fair judicial system protects the interest of Nigeria. Court decisions that are influenced by politicians and the ruling party are not democratic. Example court decisions of an election petition tribunal. The common man in Nigeria should be able to get a fair court decision within the judicial system of Nigeria.

9) Discouraging the military from politics

The function of the military in a democratic setting is to protect the leaders and citizens of Nigeria and not seizing power. Nigerians should no longer tolerate military regimes. Military generals who are after power should not participate in their military uniforms. Human rights and democratic principles have no place in a military regime.

10) Nigerian leaders should practice good governance

Good governance enhances democracy and the leaders of Nigeria should practice it. Leaders who have the interest of the country with them are better than others. The best leader is the one who promotes democracy.

11) Tackling corruption

Corruption hampers democracy in any country. Nigeria should take measures to tackle corruption. This will promote democracy in Nigeria. Leaders who are corrupt hamper democracy. However a free and fair election can help to bring better leaders for Nigerians.

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