“Prayers Made My Government A Huge Success” – Goodluck Jonathan

Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, the former President of Nigeria, has encouraged Nigerians to
pray and back the government’s effort in tackling the security challenges befalling the
nation, saying that persistence in prayer was the reason behind the success of his five year tenure. Jonathan pronounced this at the Primate of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican
Communion) where Most Rev. Nicholas Okoh, bemoan the failure of the government to
prosecute defaulters and political cabals that have failed to promote true dividend of
democracy to the people.

Rev. Nicholas said that the country is currently lacking true leaders and politicians with
the fear of God. Both Dr. Jonathan and Rev. Nicholas spoke on Friday at the third
session of the tenth Synod of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, which held
in Abuja. Dr. Jonathan, in his statement, said: “As a nation, from the beginning, we have
been passing through a lot of challenges; the issues of kidnapping and armed robbery.
Even to travel to very near cities such as Kaduna is becoming a nightmare to Nigerians.
With constant prayers, the country will get through all its challenges. For me, who you
all gave the privilege of being President for five years; the little achievements we made
were through your constant prayers. Whenever I have the opportunity, I thank you for
the support you gave me.”

Dr. Jonathan used the opportunity to refute allegations that his administration withdrew
billions of naira from the nation’s treasury, which he described as misleading. Rev.
Nicholas, while charging his faithful, enumerated the qualities of a true leader and
servant, urged the government at all levels to maintain equity and justice while ensuring
that political wrongdoers are brought to book and persecuted according to the law of the
land. Rev. Nicholas, together with Dr. Peter Obi and the current governor of Delta State,
Ifeanyi Okowa, encouraged Nigerians to be credible and take part in politics. Rev.
Nicholas who noted that Nigeria has an ample of greedy politicians including Christians

appealed to leaders in politics to show the true role of a leader. According to Rev.
Nicholas, Power is a means for helping others, and not to be used for selfish purposes.
Rev. Nicholas continued further with his words saying: “It’s to be exercised on behalf of
others. It’s only a tool, and its true test is determined by the improved welfare of
people”. These are some of the reasons he enumerated that have made the country to
be in a severe shortage of service-based, result-oriented politicians with the fear of God.

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