Don’t Blame Bad Governance For Yahoo Yahoo – Ruggedman

Recently, the Popular Nigerian rapper, Ruggedman launched an online campaign
against internet fraudsters, known as ‘Yahoo Yahoo’. His aim was to ensure that the
crime is reduced to the least.

The rapper noted that bad governance shouldn’t be an excuse for anyone to engage in
internet fraud and other related crime. He further exclaimed that the menace has been
an escape route for most Nigerian youths who are looking for an easy way out to be
rich. The government of the day would do anything to hold on to power so they have
access to money without doing anything productive to help the lives of the citizens. No
jobs, electricity, good roads, education, health care, security.”

Yet, Tribalism and religion are some factors that have further destroyed the unity of the
nation, he further explained. So far right now, there is no credibility, integrity, and
accountability in so many things we do in the country. He emphasized that the youth
blame the government for their predicament, but that shouldn’t be a justification for them
to engage in fast money ventures, no matter how enticing it could be, even to the
detriment of their life

He stated further that some youths are internet warriors and gangsters, as this is
shameful for the so-called ‘leaders of tomorrow’. The popular rapper insisted that no
matter the wealth they might have acquired through this illegal means that if caught, will
be arrested by the police and will face the full wrath of the law.

Yet, the popular rapper also apportioned part of the blame to religious bodies,
clergymen and the Nigerian Police as they contribute to the problems in the country.
The rapper further said: “As for most pastors and churches, they don’t help matters.
They do not speak up on serious issues that worrisome to the country. If you look

everywhere, you will see at least 2 to 4 churches on the corners of most streets in
Nigeria. Praying every day but the country is not moving forward. The police, who we
pride as our own, have gone from those who we run to for protection to those we need
protection from; who rob us, lay false accusations to extort us and kill us.”

In the aftermath of his warning, Nigerians woke to the news of the recent arrest of the
singer Naira Marley by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)

Before his arrest, Naira Marley has been in several controversies with his vocal support
of internet fraudsters known as ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ boys.

In recent time, the singer Naira Marley had stated that internet fraud is not a crime and
opined that the so-called Yahoo Boys are taking advantage of their knowledge and skills
to recover monies that have been looted by the white colonial masters. He further said,
“If you know about slavery you would know that Yahoo is not a crime.” He had written
this not so long on social media.

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